Turkey Trot 5k 2007

48:01…..15:28 !!!!!
Happy Thanksgiving !!!!!

Made it!!!!!!!! Do you see the numbers up top? They don’t lie. I did the 5k in 48:01.Pace 15:28!! That is my official time from the chip. Is that great or what!!! No pain ,no sickness!!!! I wore myself out in the start.I was trying to jog and there was to many people and I was tripping over them. So we did some speed walking and waited till it thinned out a little and then added some running. Pretty park and had fun!!!!!!!

The next one is at the Daytona Beach Speedway in Jan.08. I plan on working up to running the whole thing.

Early am: granola bar,peanut butter,large glass of water, and drank some cytomax on the way.
S: banana,half orange,water bottle and the rest of the cytomax.
L: maybe a turkey sandwich.
D: ??????

My tag
1. I was in middle school and our band was invited to Music days at Disney and our group was riding space mountain,and in mid turn we got stuck on it. one hour and 15 minutes later,The 3pm parade was late because of us. The CM”S came up and pushed our car down so we could go!!!!
2. Me and some of my friends rode small world and when we came out,we were soaking wet.There was 6 inches of water in the boat too!!!! Water fight!!!!!!!
3.I have never been to a club.
4. In high school I shaved my head.{looking for pictures}
5.I had a pig that was litter trained.

Ok now I an suppose to tag 5 others…..If I did that then this would never end. Sorry.

Walt’s Quote Of The Day:
I have been up against tough competition all my life. I wouldn’t know how to get along without it.

Team Voice!!!! 09

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