Tower of Terror 13k 2007

Tower Of Terror 13K

I did it!!! I made it!!!! 2:14:27 !!!!!!!!

My son did it in 1:41:17,my daughter did it in 1:53:59. E’s time was the same as mine.

We arrived early cause we were trying to meet up with everyone and get a group picture.Well they had the park closed while they were chasing the other guest out. Well they didn’t do a very good job at telling the runner’s where to go.We stood around before someone goes are you in the race? They should have had signs up letting all of us know where to go.

Then we had at least a 90 minute wait. As you can see above we were real early.They played music videos and talked on the microphone. They could have been a bit more positive and did a count down and help pump everyone up. This is my first official race so I am just speaking what I thought would have help the wait time.

This was just before the last 10 second count down. We started in the back.
The first mile was 18 minutes.I believe due to the crowd and getting in to a grove id why that was so long. Then after that we were doing 16 minute miles walking.
It got boring.I mean it was neat that we were able to go through the Wide World Sports complex and run through there,but there wasn’t any character’s, no one to cheer you on,just this people dressed in white being silly.

The first water stop was busy,I didn’t practice to drink h2o out of a plastic cup,so that was hard and I had got air in my stomach and later it was hurting.WE had h2o on us so I didn’t drink any from the stops I just ended pouring them on me.

Around mile 5 I began to have some serious stomach cramping.I started to bloated and feel sick to my stomach.My calf muscle was doing really well til we hit the ramp coming back to the park. It was in a angle and I was hurting then.I kept going. We made it to mile 6 was where the start line was and I thought if I tried to go to the restroom I would feel better.But I didn’t go in the restroom until we got our time first. Well let me say it didn’t help at all.

Then we headed back in the park.There were some people cheering us on and then we headed out to the far end of the back lot tour.When I realized where we were I started to cry,I wanted to sit down and wait for the medics.At this point I was in so much pain and my body was just shaking and I felt weak.E grab my hand and said you can’t stop now. These 2 girls that were there said the same thing. We were down to the last mile and a half.Then I was worried about the kids,I was asking about them and I was just talking about anything and everything to keep motivated.Then we made it to the Fantasmic side and I knew we were close and I started to cry again.{i just wanted it to end} You can hear the people on the tower screaming the music and I kept going. Then all the sudden I see a flash.I asked E what was that? It was the photographers taking pictures and we round this conner and E started yelling look there is Your son,JB waiting on us at the conner.I can just barely remember him saying Hi Mom and you are almost done.
Then E yelled there is the finish line!!! So I started to cry again and then I caught sight of his sister and my daughter. I wanted to run and be done with it I couldn’t I was to weak too. People we didn’t even know cheering and yelling the only other thing I can remember is hearing the chirp from the chip on my shoe.And E yelling you did it!!!!

We had our pictures taken and I can remember everyone trying to shove h20 down me and banana’s and power aide.I was so sick to my stomach I spent the rest of the time in the bathroom.We sat near rockin roller coaster. E”s sister and JB rode the tower and I was in and out of the bathroom.After I started to feel better we tried to leave and I would start to cramp up and I head out to the restroom. My calf was cramping and I had E get a wheel chair and wheel me out to the car.I was up all night running to the bathroom.I was the only one sick.E started before the race and then stopped.Well I had also stared my menstrual cycle during the race.

I have to say the race was a learning experience.I ate a couple hours earlier in the day,I had a salad chicken ceasar and some fries and ice tea.I thought that would be enough. I must admit I did not drink enough h2o before the race. I was told that I should have done more a crab load and drank some power aide and water before the race.

I know that I may not do the 1/2M.This race scared me.I didn’t do any training for three weeks trying to heal my calf.That was wrong of me to do. I know now even if I do not want to train I have too. There is no room for a day off. I want to do the 5k in Jan.08 and be there for support for the WDT runner’s and Kate in the 1/2M in 08.

I am resting the rest of this week and then I am going to get back on the training horse and making a training plan.And sticking to it. I have all my meals listed from the trip I will post them tomorrow.

Train hard,have fun,stay injury free!!!

Team Voice!!!

Miles for the Month:

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