Duathlon 2011

Race Report Posted on May 29, 2011 by rae Was it awesome?? I smiled the entire race. Got to the race site at 6am. Put my bike in transition, set my fuel up. Made sure Tires were still aired up. Then I went over picked up my chip and body marked. Still had time to burn. The hard part was I could not get my breakfast down this morning. I do not know why, I just could not. The race production and crew have made many improvements, and it was much more organized. I walked through the bike chute to see where we mounted and dismounted. Put myself together, braces, bike gloves and got in the duathlon start area. We started before the tri. Horn went off and off we went. I jogged most of the half mile. My shoes didn’t want to stay tied. I had to walk , my damn lungs. I was last in with another lady who was in my division. She is a beast on her bike. Besides she had an awesome light bike. It took me longer than I was hoping to do for T1. I had to strip the knee braces. {helmet first} Ran out to mount and off I went. My lungs were burning like hell. I was having a rough time on the bike in the beginning. Lap 2 was much better, trying not to burn out my legs. They did put up cones were cones are normally are not at, so hairy turns were turned into scary turns. Dismounted, jelly legs, and stiff calves. My legs felt like they weighed tons. I had racked my bike, put my braces on, pulled my hair back, drank some fuel and off I went. Again T2 took even longer than T1. My legs were so tight. Lap one was rough. My interval timer was on like clock work but my tight legs and calves were not. It was lap 2 ,my legs finally loosen up and I could go faster. It was a nice day. The people were nice. E met me at the last quarter mile and jogged back in with me. That was so cool =-). Nat and her buddy were there. I ran the rest of the way in. 1:36:46. Not bad. That is better than my worse time. My friend K, I made out on the track was there and congratulating me . Very cool. I smiled the whole time. Hung out, got my medal. 2nd place Athena. Was home by 10a . I so can not wait to do this again!!! I can not complain, I finished. I was not last, none the less I finished! =-) I will post my next 2 week Plan tomorrow after work. Yes I have to work.. unless they call to cancel me.. Plz… I do have to say, even though my lungs were burning, I could talk, I could run the intervals, not shuffle, and my hands, and feet never once become numb or tingly. So yes there is improvement, and room for more improvement. While we were waiting for the medals to be passed out, all the sudden we heard this hissing noise. E put his ear to my front tire and it sat there and went flat. Thank goodness it waited till after the race! I think the rim needs to be re-taped. What a good morning!

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