Art Of Animation

Last weekend we were in Walt Disney World. We rode the Skyliner over to Art of Animation for breakfast.

Above is a clip of our first trip on the Sky liner to Art.

Here’s is a picture of the quick service breakfast .

For those of us that have food allergies you have to speak to a chef. And they will left you know how the can accommodate you.

While waiting I took a few pictures in the food court.

I was told to stay in the middle and wait for the chef to bring me my food. It’s colorful. Set up like All Stars.

Currently they have a special on this mug. It’s a really nice stainless steel mug. With the Skyliner on it. It you have the Disney Dinning plan you can get the discount price for the mug. $10.00 . If not you can purchase it for $29.99 with a fill.

Here is the bounty pancake platter. All my food has to be gluten free. The pancakes were amazing! Had my mug and got myself a hot cup of tea. I love going to the resorts to eat. Our tables in wonderland card works in them, and they take great care in making sure you’re food is correct and safe for you .

As usual, my BB8 sits there and chats up a storm with everyone. The kids love to talk to him. My R2 was unable to join us. He needed new charging cells.

After we ate we enjoyed the walk back to the Skyliner. It was a beautiful day.

Thank you Art of Animation for a great breakfast and great view .

Next time you in the World, take a trip over and enjoy a nice breakfast .


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We love All things Disney,Star Wars and great gadgets. If you want something from The World let me know. Maybe we can help. Home of Lil Chewie.
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