Queen Summer Solstice 2016

QSS2016GROUPHere we all are. This is a picture of all the women who competed Last July.  I made some new friends. Learned a lot about myself too.   I want to thank Amanda for having such a great show. Berry for his amazing gym.  I want to thank my Strongman Coach Mike. You taught me things I didn’t know about myself. Thank you so much.

We started with the log clean and press for 1 rep. max. It also was for the USS Women’s Worlds title. My division was fierce. The Master women brought there A game.  This time around, I got the log over my head. For all three lifts. Mine were light compared to what the other women were doing. Two Master women tied up the record log clean and press at 135 lbs.


From here we moved on to deadlifts. I warmed up with everyone else. I did all way up to 225 lbs. for a warm up weight. I felt that I didn’t need to go heavier and save it for the event.  One bar was the axle bar with 255 lbs. on it and the weightlifting bar had 275lbs. on it. I was so excited to do this event. It’s my favorite lift, and I was planning on tht 10 lbs. PR.


It never made it past my knees.  The video would not load for me. I was so embarrassed. I scored a zero in this event. I was relying on this event to keep me in the game of not being last. Again it never went past my knees.

img_0477 This is the only picture I have of me in the event after the deadlifts. The farmer’s  carry.140 lbs per hand. 50 feet for time. I tried to make up time here. When the judge said get your grip, I started lifting, and I heard him say go and I started to move my feet. I was just thinking, fast feet, and I can here in my head my daughter,”roll your feet like in band”. My time was 10.6 seconds. I was so excited. I could never get past 16 seconds. I was excited. A year ago, I was unable to even budge this weight off the ground.


This event was suppose to be truck pull. Instead it was sled pull. I do not know what this distance was or the weight. It was on of my faster pulls for this. 20.6 seconds. img_0474 1..2..3… pull!!! That’s all I was hearing in my head.


Last event. Stones to platform. I was also relying on this to keep in out of last. I had train very hard to get this. The first stone you see on the platform was 100 lbs. Second one was 125 lbs. on the platform. The stone I am picking up here was 150 lbs. Deadlift it to my lap.Tuck it into my belly, get my arms up on it higher to help lift it, when I did the hip extension . I was not getting it high enough. It would get stuck on the edge of the platform and I just could not get under it enough to push it the rest of the way. I tried to under the stone Like I was cleaning to shoulder. I just ran out of steam.   I was disappointed with myself again. but in reality, I got 2 stones on the platform instead of one like last time.  I think The platforms were a bit taller than what I had trained for.

Yes I was last. I finished. Not where I wanted to be. But I finish.  What next?? I had took 2 weeks off.  Working on getting my diet better. So I can maintain my middle weight class. Put on some muscle. I need to get my lift much heavier before I register for another competition.





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