I Pulled It

Weekly post is today. I had to work yesterday. Last week was much better than last.



Sleep wasn’t the greatest. Dragging today.  Lunch was awesome.  Really busy day at the daily grind. Looking forward to the WOD.

It’s pouring this evening so no running. Rowing instead.  Skill tonight was find your 3 rep max. dead lift. I maxed out at 165 pounds!!!


WOD:  5 back squats, then row 5oo M, then double under {single for me} 4 minutes to do the movements, then rest for 1 min. Only the jump rope numbers count. I did 118.  Didn’t male my burn today. I tried. I was so tired by the time I got home. I didn’t even mobilize.


Slept well. Hands are a bit sore and stiff. Lots of mobilizing. Worked on my knees, and my posterior chain.  Over all good day. Rest day.


Mobilized for 15 min this am. Meditated for 10 min. I knew it was going to be one of those days… Very busy day, good lunch in good company always a perk. Can’t wait to go workout. It’s my light at the end of the tunnel.

Skill was the over head squat. I am not very good with this. Last time I did this movement I was folding in half when I would try to squat. Now, I can do the squat, but my right arm is sliding out and bending at the elbow. My right shoulder is lower than the left. You can see that I have been compensating on the left side.  Coach M. ,she had me do mobility with bands and retest. I chose not to use weights. Since this was a issue.  WOD sled pulls. I have not had a chance to do this.  The sled is about 90 lbs. 50m pulls. Slowest pull is your time. Once I had figured out how to get around the turn, I got faster. E pulled 180 lbs. 25 seconds. IMG_8471I pulled the sled 3 rounds and then I pulled my calf muscle. ugh… That’s ok wait till next time. 🙂  I compressed the calf and mobilize.



Sore calf, lots of compression, ice and elevation.  WOD.. Tabata 12 minutes of 100 ft. sprints and dead lifts. Only your dead lifts count. Coach M. he had figured out how to I could still get the sprints in by walking and making it to dead lift.  We tested and retested. I finished with 4 dead lift reps. The skill was assist. strict pull up. With Assist. from Coach M. I was able to get one in. I had to lower myself down very controlled. My forearms were on fire. Going to work on that. But that is the first time my head was over the bar without jumping or banded.  I told Coach M. about my overhead squat. We tested, and retested. He gave me ideas on how to help strengthen the arm. Plus the mobility with bands that She Coach M. gave me to do as well. I am a work in progress.



Total rest day.


Team WOD. Team of 3.  Row 500M ,then 30 burpees, 60 med ball cleans, 120 box jumps. I did step ups due to my calf. First round, 4 minute. We had to split up the numbers between the three of us.  The second round was 10 minutes, one min rest. Third round until you finished. I was having a really hard time doing the Step ups. My leg was getting to where it would not support me. So ,the guys had to kick in and help finish them. We finished in 33: 54.  It was fun.

IMG_8503I grade this week much ,much better than last week.

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1 Response to I Pulled It

  1. wdwalone says:

    Another amazing week. Watch that calf and be careful.


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