So today I realized that I do say this alot. I Can’t. I did not realize this until it was pointed out to me.  It made me think.

Why do I say it so much? I got to thinking about this. I have been told repeatedly over the years that I can’t do that. Doctors, physical therapist, friends, family, ex’s and so on. You can’t participate in PE due to you have joint swelling. Any random time, in middle school my joints would swell up. You can’t.  First knee surgery, you can not jump rope or run or squat. if you continue to do these activities you will end up in a wheel chair.  Your knee will never go below a 90′ angle. So you can’t squat. I have believed this CRAP all my life.

My Ex use to say, you can’t walk round the block, what make you think you can walk a 5k? He use to tell me I can’t do alot of things since my second knee surgery. I was told “I CAN’T” keep my mustang. That is why I STILL have my mustang and he is the EX.   I have been doing foot races since 2007. I have NOT ran a one. I have walked every single one. I have done 2 seasons of local duathlon series. 3 full marathons ,which one was in the Dopey challenge 2014.

It has been a year and half now that I HAVE been jumping rope. Something I have not done since middle school. I have been squatting below a 90′ angle. I HAVE been lifting heavy things.

I think I need to work on closing some of these “I CAN’T” doors,  so I CAN keep moving forward.

So I have to STOP SAYING ,”I CAN’T” . I do hold myself back and I need to stop doing that. If I need to reminded that, then maybe I should stop and squat, and remember I CAN!!!

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1 Response to Can’t

  1. wdwalone says:

    Amen sister! You know that I totally believe in the power of I can and yes, I fall victim to the I can’t a lot too. For me, it hasn’t been the verbalized I can’t from other people, it has really always been me saying I can’t. It’s something I fight with a lot. I can’t get the job I want, I don’t have the skills. I can’t run a race right now, I weigh too much…Well, like you I know that I can and while there are times where real things happen that make can’t happen, most of the time that’s not the case and I have to remind myself of that as well!


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