This Week.. Blah

This week was the worse.

I am trying so hard not to get whatever is going around.  I was just off this entire week. Even my foods were off.  sigh…


Skill Back squats at 95%. For me today that was 50lbs. 5 reps, 5 times. The workout.Hang cleans 45 lb. bar. and 15 wall balls. I used the 10 lb. ball. Finished in 13:00


A rest day. A rough day over all. Not feeling so hot. Mobilized a little.


Skill was Bench press @ 90% . 60 lbs. I think. I didn’t write down or take a picture of what I did. Tire flips. I was excited to do these. I was so mad it was raining earlier in the day. I don’t get to do these often and the last time, we were rained out. 100lb tire plus shuttle runs. As many as you can in 7 minutes. Only the tire flips count. I did 4 rounds of tire flips. I was dressed from head to toe. I had on gloves and glasses and long sleeves.


Not feeling so hot. Rest day. Work was busy.


Slept in. Woke up completely stuffed up. Felt like crap. Today was a bench mark workout. The Filthy Fifty. I didn’t make it. I have not done this one in a year. I was not feeling good at all. I felt guilty not going. But I knew I just needed to do nothing.


Team workout. I made it a point to go. Since my dog had me up at 7am. I still don’t feel well. I couldn’t get anything  to eat. I just wasn’t hungry.  I ate a piece of protein carrot cake I made from earlier in the week.  21-15-9 squat clean, hand stand push ups {hspu} and strict clean. I was so off. I couldn’t even clean the 45lb bar. I used 40lbs. I had to do my hspu off of a box. I can’t hold myself up yet.  We finished in 44:48.

Over all, I made some poor food choices. I had pasta and I had french fries and I had tater tots. I gave in. That time of the month kicks my ass. I even got on the scale. So I have not been in the right frame of mind this week. Of course the scale said I maintain. Didn’t drop a thing. Ugh… I cried at the box when I went to the bathroom. Because I didn’t feel well, I couldn’t clean the 45 lb bar and I got on that damn scale.  Saturday was off. I have been working my ass off. For what?! ugh…

Today I have been prepping all my little stuff for the week. Got to go put my order in for my share and eggs. Pick up a few other things and go from there. I have been using my fitbit more for my calorie burn. I have been trying to make a effort to make my burn goal everyday. More so now. I feel if I can get that up, and keep it up maybe other things will drop. Who knows.

Starting today I have to start putting in road miles. Goofy race and half challenge 2015 is coming. I want to PR, even if it is on 30 seconds. 103 days to go…

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1 Response to This Week.. Blah

  1. wdwalone says:

    Oh how I understand the frustration. It just gets in your head and causes grief. You know you can do anything you put your mind to. Remember not to focus on the scale – that’s not your success or failure – that’s mind games. You know you’ve lost inches, you know you feel better when you do the right things for your body and you know you can do anything. Chin up and keep going – I know how hard you’ve been working and the Goofy is going to pay!


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