I have been a busy little bee.

Been back to Disney to see Mark Hamill at Star Wars Weekend. We had a blast.


The foot has been really good. I have been walking more. Which the doggies love.

I have been back to crossfit on a regular basis. I was so sore last week I had to skip a day, because I was shuffling to walk, and I could not pick up my laundry basket. haha…This week has been much better.


I have made a few PR’s this week. MY front squat is up to 60 lbs for a 1 RM. It was heavy. But in turn coach said I should add 5 lbs. Since we were looking for nearly failure, or failure one rep max. I hesitated. I know I did. Why?? Because I was fearing getting injured. Since I am so prone to injury. I know I can not do better, if I do not do what is uncomfortable. That was uncomfortable.

Then later in the week, we did deadlifts instead of another movement due to the weather. I did 95lbs for the workout. That’s another PR after looking at my log. My 1 max rep was 105. Then we did a strict press, after the workout. I did 35 lbs. 3 x 10. first set I made it to 6. My arms were on fire, and shaking. Then Coach S wanted me to add 5lbs. I just couldn’t I was having a had time getting to 10 reps.  Second set. I made it to 7. My arms are now jelly like and I was shaking.  Coach S was not satisfied with that. I had to do 10. So I started to tell my self I was out on the marathon route pushing my Mom up that last Nasty bridge before we go back into Epcot. {because that is one of my all time goals} I got to 6 and my arms were on fire and shaking. Strict press, no bending or a slight push from the hips. I just kept telling myself I have to get over this bridge, the sweepers are coming. I pushed out #8. Almost there… #9… I can hear broom Hilda Screaming 30 seconds..and counting that was that sweeper who sounded like the Witch from OZ on her bike she was the one who caught up to me before coming into Epcot in 2012, when I had sprained my ankle a week before the race weekend.  It was my first Goofy. They count down, while you are out there working your ass off to finish.I did get into Epcot before she made to one that was mile 23…. I pushed out that last one #10! I was shaking so bad… Again I hesitated. I truly believe, I would not have been able to do the extra 5lbs. Not that night. But next time I will add it.

Every other day the doggie and I have been walking in the morning. Doing pretty good. We did a couple of sprints. No pain. So I will add that in some where.

IMG_6638He is always ready to go walking. 🙂




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