30 +

This is the last week of the Whole 30.

What have I learned? I thought I had a handle on the sugar. Which I now have more a handle on. Finding out there is even sugar in ALL salad dressings. So we now make our own.  We mix fruit juice with seltzer water. Not all seltzer waters are equal. The fruit juices we drink do not have sugar in them. Trust me they’re out there.

I have more of a sensitivity to gluten than I thought. I can’t eat certain nuts. Thinking it was something else and realizing it was certain nuts. I do miss pasta. Not so much rice. I haven’t eaten bread in years (3) We make our own mayo. For tuna salad and chicken salad.


It will be interesting to see what happens when we reintroduce tomatoes.

Foot update.  My foot has been good. Last week was completely pain free. So far this week as well. I have been back to crossfit. So far so good. Coach has been able to replace some things with other stuff for the running, and pounding part. I have to do push ups on my knees. Added a  couple ab. mats under the knee to help with the lunges for the foot. Weighted. We have been walking the dogs around the block. Which is a half mile.

Today I am super sore. That’s ok. I am also seeing that I am hungrier, since I have been back at the box.  I have been adding more veggies. I am also seeing I want to just munch. I have been able to stop it. I just have some hot tea.

My sleep has improved. My fitbit keeps me in the loop with that. I notice I have not been getting up as much in the middle of the night. E has improved.

We also decided that we will not keep ourselves from having a treat. Instead of having something everyday. We are saving it for special occasions. AKA birthdays, holidays or a trip. It’s not something we need every single day.



I hope who ever reads this it gives you an idea what to expect. Maybe try some change.



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1 Response to 30 +

  1. wdwalone says:

    Glad you found value in the process and that you’ve found things that aren’t working and are working.

    So glad to hear you’ve been back to cross fit and that the foot is doing better.


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