The headaches are gone. Sleeping has improved. Body feels better and it’s day 6 into doing the Whole 30.
Our local farm co op, has offered to take out the veggies we can’t have right now, and add in more of other items. That’s awesome. I ordered a dozen of duck eggs, to go with our egg order. No we did not take out the eggs.

Yesterday and today I have been wanting to snack. Yep. I catch myself looking for something. And it is not a fun thing. It makes you cranky. Well me anyway.

I have been wearing my sunglasses at night. Instead of getting the blue blockers. I have found my eyes don’t hurt as much. During the day at work, that’s a different story. Going to look into seeing if I can do that at work. I stare at four screens in front of me, plus four huge screens hanging on the wall. Work changed out to the “new lighting”. Sucks.

Went back to crossfit. Man my body has missed that. I noticed I am not as sore as I normally get. But, I can not all out run without pain. I can go sideways, but I can go backwards. Run full nope, foot says no. Sprints? Nope. But I have no swelling, or pain.


We are at 110 days till Disneyland. Next week finally I get to see the foot doctor. She will tell me if I am going or not.


I have a bunch of stuff to cram in for work this month . Last minute stuff.
I need a break. Weekend away.


About MaMaRae

Training to be a Strongwoman . I like to share my experience and how get there with everyone. Maybe I can inspire You to get up and get moving. To date 83+ lbs gone..still have more to go. Picking up heavy things, and putting them down.
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One Response to Slowly..

  1. wdwalone says:

    I hope the doctor has some good news for you instead of bad news 🙂

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