2 Days

First, May the Fourth Be With You…

IMG_0853For the last 2 days, I have had the headache from you know where. Ibuprofen wasn’t helping either. I was even feeling like I should have stayed home from work. But I didn’t.  Remember, I am only drinking 2 cups of coffee, before noon.

IMG_7822Coconut milk, and a little bit if my Ghee and no sweetener what so ever. This morning I woke up with no headache. Today we start the Whole 30. I didn’t think I was going to  have chills and sweats yesterday at work. I did. I do not like this part. Wait till E starts this next week.

With the headache I did not walk. Instead of 8 miles last week it was actually, 6 miles. My foot has getting better. I did notice this week when we had the pre made sausage, my foot swelled up on the bottom. No more of that. I think I am going to try to run sprints today.

Meal planning, has been a bit different. Trying to make sure we get the correct items is a bit challenging. But we will. Today I will be freezing oils with favorite seasonings, so it will help in the one less step for cooking.  Need to make more Clarified butter. Stuff like that.

IMG_7804The stuff on the bottom of the pot is the casein, the protein I can not digest.  I have to strain that out.

Busy day..to make the work week a little easier.


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1 Response to 2 Days

  1. wdwalone says:

    Hey – at least you got six miles in on a bum foot – be proud of that!


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