The Minnie 10K {long}

Friday early morning. The phone rings, and It is the character from Frozen. I hang it up.

I get up get ready for the next race in the Dopey challenge. Have a cup of coffee. Finding hard to drink at 3:00 am. I completely understand why Disney wants the runners to the race site so early. Due to having to close roads and try to get most of the races in before the parks open. It is also very hard to eat at this time in the morning too. I try to choke down what I normally have before a race so I will not hit the “WALL” so to speak. Which I have done in the past.

I walk out side of my room to see how the weather is going to be. The humidity hits me in the face hard. It is over cast, and foggy. Oh great.. I am hoping my lungs can hold up to this. {asthma sucks}

IMG_6111Here I am ready to go. I think I am getting better at this whole take your own picture. haha..

Off  to catch the bus. Short line again. Got right on and it is super quiet this morning.

IMG_6112This is a picture of the aisle on the bus. The over head lights are on. I was way in the back.  At the reunion area. This time I had my fuel belt with me so  I had to go through back check. The Disney security guy looks at it, shakes it and says ,”you’re good” I found my friends. No  more than I walk into the the family reunion area the photographers are can e get a race picture. Sure why not.

IMG_6116Here is my run Disney buddy. She was the Pink Minnie and I am the red Minnie. I just realized all the rest of the group pictures are done by the photographers.  Again We are in Corral E, while the rest of the group in in Corral A. Nothing wrong with how we race, but it would be nice to be able to go by in a plaid streak of light. 🙂

The corrals were much fuller today. We could not get to the front of the corral like we did on Thursday.

IMG_6119This was my view. This was how many people were in front of me. Corral A goes by, then the fireworks, then corral B goes by. Finally we start moving. While waiting around, I would do stuff to keep my legs and stuff warm and limber.

Finally, it is our turn to start.

IMG_6122That’s how far we were from the start line. We are off. Walk run intervals are the best. We headed out across the parking lot. Families cheering,and high five the kids. They love that. Specially when you are dressed up.

IMG_6123Here is a Dj that was set up on a bridge we went under. I wish I had better pictures. But, running and taking pictures when it is still dark is hard to do. See the sea of people? All the runners dressed up was entertaining in its self.  We are on our way, past Mile 1. It was quick as all get out. We are going along and we made the turn to go up on a bridge. There is still a sea of people below us, that are coming up to the turn to go on the bridge. As I get up on the bridge, I look down and I can see the Balloon ladies. Which are the pacers, who are doing the 16:00 minute pace. A few were behind them. I would yell. Then as we go along there are a swam of medics and race officials with this man walking. He made it past the first mile. The sweeper van was right there. I knew what was about to happen. So I stopped and just starting yelling. When other runners realized who I was yelling at the entire bridge started yelling and clapping. I wish the picture was clear. He was a Extra Medium. He deserved all of us cheering him. Why?? Because he was out there giving it his all. Later, I saw him again, and he did not have a finishers medal on.

Moving on..

IMG_6134IMG_6139Have way there. All the time we are chit chatting about anything and everything. Not so many characters as we would like to see out there.

We ended up back out where the half and the full marathon start. Weird going the opposite way there. They had a big screen set up playing a loop of a song, and video.

Then we wind up headed back to Epcot, back the way we went yesterday. It is a bit lighter out as the sun was headed up. Lungs in check, actually doing much better than I was expecting. The Disney Security,” welcome come on in, no bag check, no id check, just come on in.”

IMG_6150Blurry still but that is part of Test Track. The view was the same as yesterday. We were having so much fun ,I missed  mile marker 4. Amanda said, “No, go back and get a picture.” haha.. I didn’t. Now there is more to look at. More characters. The line for them are long. Really.. “you’re in a race and you’re gonna wait in line??”  But when you’re in corral A, you can hit all of them without any waiting.

IMG_6160Here we are headed out to the Boardwalk. I forgot we were going out there.

IMG_6163Out at the Swan and dolphin.

IMG_6167Here we are coming in behind The Land. Then we head back into the park to head out to the finish line.

IMG_6170This was to my left..

IMG_6171This was to my right.

IMG_6172Here is what my Map my Run recorded. I forgot to take a self picture coming over the finish line, like I did on the first race. Self I won’t forget tomorrow.

IMG_6173BAM!!! Got it. 2 down and to to go. Amanda and I did our pictures and breakfast together. It was a good thing and we, kept on doing it since we didn’t want to have bad JuJu for the half.

I had to go get cleaned up and get ready to pick up E from the train station. Today was his birthday and He is my biggest fan and supporter in the last 2 races.

IMG_6190Happy Birthday!!! He got a cupcake at our Annual Mama Mel-rose pre-race dinner.  Do you know I didn’t get a picture then??? Ugh…

For the half I had to get to bed earlier since we had to be up earlier the next morning. Race starts earlier. It was hard to go to sleep that night. Plus my insides were not so happy.  I made sure all three alarms were set. The wake up call was set. I can sleep through them.

Got to sleep so I can earn “The Don”.




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2 Responses to The Minnie 10K {long}

  1. wdwalone says:

    It is fun reading these to see how our experiences differed even though we were with each other the whole time. I thought the first two miles were miserable with the crowding on the roads, but after that I felt the course was better and at least we ended with the park!


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