Tower Terror Trip #1

Made it back from Disney. I survived. Literally..

IMG_5317Here are all my Tower medals. Yes there was three races. 2007 was the first one. I would know that was my first Run Disney race.

We arrived late Thursday evening. Caribbean Beach resort. No refrigerator.  My travel agent told me that they had them and fixed the problem. Nope, only giving them out to medically necessary. I have some major food allergies. Later I get a call saying they found a refrigerator and I would have one later in the evening. We did.  This was our first time staying at this resort. It was nice. Quiet. It was really quiet compared to the value resorts we stayed at and even Animal Kingdom Lodge. The food court is less than appetizing.

Bought the rapid refill cup. Come to find out, I could get coffee and tea without having to have that.{we don’t drink soda}

IMG_5328As you can see they look just like the original cups, except for saying rapid refill. They do work. When it hits 11am your cup stops working. We did the $17.88 unlimited for your stay. Yes these cups DO work at others resorts. You have 3 minutes in between refills. The machine will tell you on the screen.

The other problem we did have at the resort was ants. I told them I believe they are in the table in the room. They would only come out when someone would sit and use the table. We waited till the end of our stay so they would not come spray and send me into an asthma attack. What I did learn was since I have such sensitively to certain things we can request the room to be clean without chemicals. I did not know this.

The day we checked out. I was having a bad time with my allergies. Could not figure out why. It seemed worse in the room. Later my Mom tells me they were spot paining right below us, early in the am. This explains why I was coughing and having more breathing problems. I thought I was catching a cold, or more left over junk from having an attack during the race. {get to that later}

IMG_5269Then I did sign up for express check out. I did not get my check out on my door. They had drew the line. I went down stairs to compain, and check out. Well down stairs was a quarter mile walk one way. The CM came back to me and told me they were going to give some of our money back due to the issues. I was surprised. I told im he didn’t have to but he insisted.


I will say, I won’t stay at that resort anytime soon. I will go back to the value resorts. We stayed there for convience of not having to travel so far to get to the race or back. {last year the bus driver had the bus down shift into second gear, ran a red light and nearly ran a second one but slammed on the brakes as we all got smashed into the seat in front of us so he wouldn’t hit the car}

That’s part one.. part #2 to come later..





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1 Response to Tower Terror Trip #1

  1. wdwalone says:

    It’s too bad you had so many problems with the resort. Glad they offered you some compensation.


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