Packing My Bags

Happy 1 Year to me. It will be one year since I restarted foot races.


2 years since the back injury.Lagehernia

2 more days and We will be in Disney. I am injury free. Ready for the race. As ready as one can be. I will be in black and white. That way I will glow in the black lights. 🙂 Please ..please weather be cool. At least not so humid.

There is no plan.. even though I am really wanting to have a better time, so I can get out of the last corral for Marathon weekend at Disney 14′. This will be my first interval race. 2/1. It is going to be crowded. The corrals go up to J this year. I am in G. I am glad. I will have a good distance between me and the sweepers. I am really getting tired of seeing them. Specially when they do the count down.. Oh the stress that puts on you. I will not get a DNF.. iphone2 020

I have my gear packed. I have my electrolytes figured out. Packed. I have been getting in 98 oz of h2o and then some. Yes I am making sure my body stays hydrated {Coach Kyle}. I have my meals figured out. I have figured out what to do to keep my body warm, so my hips and stuff do not get stiff waiting around to start the race. That is the hard part. Taking a towel to lay on the ground for stretching. E has been helping with some of the stretches. We figured out a way to do most of them without a wall. I use E as the wall. 🙂 It works. Then with help I have stretches I can do while in to corral waiting. Thanks Coach Michael. I will get the one minute mediation in. Must find my calm. 🙂

This week as already been rough. I had a really bad reaction at work. Allergy reaction. I thought I was going to the ER. Today, I feel like crap. I am praying this will pass. I was scared. I have not had a reaction this bad.

I can not wait to go to Food and Wine this weekend either. From pictures, it looks amazing. It will be different. No gluten for me. Yep. I have figured out that it inflames my joints. No gluten, no pain.

Rest and relax..have fun…{maybe new PR}

IMG_1547Happy Birthday Walt Disney World!! 42 great years!!

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