19 To Go…

19 Days to go… 2013-03-31 001 726

Tower of Terror 10 Miler . I am as ready as I can be. I made it through my pulled muscle. Much earlier than I thought I would. I have learned how to loosen up. Man oh Man is that one amazing feeling. My last interval run was easy. I didn’t have heavy legs, I didn’t have legs stiffness. I could flow.

So now the hard part will be keeping loose and limber while waiting for the race to start. I will be in corral G. While the rest of my friends are in D,E,F. That is a 20 minute wait. Never mind they want us to be there super early. I get why cause of road closures. I have time to figure it out.  I am praying for cooler weather. Not as humid as last year. Please.. My lungs will do so much better.

I have started to pack. I have the microwave out. The suit case is out. Inventory on the run gear. I need new shoes. I am going to dress up. I have to try out what I want to wear. Make sure I can wear it, without tearing it off cause I got hot. Need glow in the dark hair spray. 🙂

I am hoping once WE all finish the race we can do a stinky, smelly ride! Last year I was in to much pain. Enjoyed talking to a friend I had not seen  since marathon 2010. She saved E in the last couple miles with some Skittles. He got in some simple sugar and he just woke up and took off. 🙂 Big E you’re a marathoner because of that. 🙂  Now you’re the ” Back Pack ” guy. IMG_1489

Then Sunday.. I am going to enjoy myself a Dole Whip. It is dairy free, I do look forward to enjoy one every time we get to go.(as long as it doesn’t get to chilly to have one}  Plus the Food And Wine will be going on.  Last year it was so much fun. We had some great food. Even stuff I could eat. 🙂  I have also been told to call the resort 10 days out, to let them know my food allergies, so they can have those items there during our stay. I will put that to the test.

I have been reading the AP will be on a hard card now. Since Disney is up grading their system. IMG_7061

Have a great weekend!


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1 Response to 19 To Go…

  1. wdwalone says:

    Can’t wait! You’re going to have a great race and kill last year’s time. So excited to see everyone!!!


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