Good Bye.. Hello…

August is finally gone..

September mickey

It was a ruff month for me. I got some GI bug from work. Running back and forth to Gainesville. Trying to keep up with my Tower training. Which I am back on track with it, and it rolls right into Dopey training.

So Coach Michael has been guiding me. Hi Michael. {waving} So until our next visit, I have been doing 2 mile walks everyday. No matter what, except yesterday. I just took the day off. No Box, no Tower miles. I was off.  Jumping rope, trying to get a double under. E just picks up the jump rope and BAM.. he does a double under more than once. I made him give me back my jump rope and told him go get his own. E just giggled at me. 🙂 I have not spun on the bike yet. Mobility is up to 30 minutes. I am able to meditate for 1 minute with Coach’s video guidance. 🙂  

The quiet house has caught up to me. Yep…

My August new Deadlift Pr is 105 lbs. 85 lbs is my new WOD number too. Jumping rope, single unders, walking ,intervals and we have less than 5 weeks to Tower weekend.

I am so excited!!! I need new shoes. I get to see some of my friends I haven’t seen in three years!! I haven’t seen Amanda, since Jan.?? Gee even that is to long. Please click her name go for a visit. She did the Double Double Dare this Weekend. I see that in my future..

September, I am going to try to be more steady in my walks, and intervals. I am going to try to do new things. The Training plan from Galloway for the Dopey, the miles are getting longer.I have to work past the number and do it. I have to get the Course map out for a visual, so I will know where the mile marker will be. Specially Tower since it is a night race. It is actually the last part of the marathon course. Last year it was humid. I am really hoping for cooler weather.  Am I looking to PR this race ? Yes. Will I lay out a time ? No. The last time I set a goal time, I got injured.

Here’s to a great September.

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1 Response to Good Bye.. Hello…

  1. wdwalone says:

    Can’t wait for you to come out to Disneyland! You’ll love it.

    So excited for Tower. It’s going to be great seeing everyone – yes, January has been too long!


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