My Goofy Challenge for 2013 (Long)

Goofy race and half challenge. Done.
Half, 3:23, this is not my best half time. But of a come back it was awesome!!!
Full,7:11, this time was faster.13 minutes faster. But I had issues arise while I was in the full.
5k, was just pure fun.

The week before the race, I was out getting more miles in an rounded a corner and slid in gravel and large rocks, that were not there before. I had road rash, bruises and soreness I have not had in a long time. Plus I retwisted my ankle. I had to get picked up.

Lets jump right into the half. It was a blast. I had so much fun. Even starting in the last corral. The temperature was good. The race was a bit crowded. 25,000 people. The larger number with newbies. They need to learn how to get through a water station without stopping, and throwing there trash up to a half mile from the station. Where it would skinny up it would get crowded.

For me, I was excited.(remember I could hardly walk last year this time) It felt like the race went so fast. For the first 5 miles I was with one of my good friends. We had fun. She had to slow a bit . But the grandest part for me was going into the magic Kingdom seeing E and Stroller Boy. Then going around through future land and making it back around to go through the castle. I was so happy. Mickey waved and the trumpeters trumpeted. How sweet that was. I didn’t think they got my picture going through the castle but they did. And I was smiling. I think I smiled in the whole race.
I was sore or having any type of pain, after the race. I was fatigued. Not even knee pain.

2:00 am again. Left the room around 3:00a. Glad we did. The roads were clogged. 35,000 for the full marathon. Took a snack and pre workout drink. Now, the first marathon it was freezing. E and I walked together the entire race. I had my buddy. This time all I have is myself. So this alone was gonna be a mental game. The weather was much warmer. I knew after mile 13 it was gonna get hot.
Again last corral. I was starting the race with Santa next to me and two overly excited newbies. Getting to the magic kingdom was in eventful. Until I was passing the five mile sign before MK. I can see mile five sign. I was doing good until I saw the sweeper ladies roll up. They parked their bikes behind the sign, checked the map and watch and hung out there. I was freaking out. I had a melt down at that point. By the time I made to E and A. I was stressed out. No trade out for fuel yet. Doing good. I did grab a half a Pbj.( I never ate) and past off the camera. I needed to know my time cause seeing the Officials put me in a bad spot.
After passing through the castle and E yelled out how my time was. That helped. I was tagging along with the 6:30 pace group for quite some time. As we went into the tunnel to the race track, I was loosing them. It got crowded until we exited the tunnel. The race track was neat. Car groups had their cars out and they were cheering. They had the ride along cars out and at the end the Cars, cars were there. Then we went out onto this nice shaded service road. Let me saw the sun was already beating down on us all. That was around 9-10 miles. It was really nice to have the shade. The entertainment out there was great. The volunteers are always amazing.
We are now headed in the back road sun blazing down on us no shade, into animal kingdom. The fertilizer was so smelly this time. E sent me a pace marker saying I was at 6:45pace. So I did some self checks. No pain, little fatigued nothing out of the ordinary for me. Here we go getting ready to turn into AK grabbed a warm banana. All the oranges were gone. Then there was a stinky smell and the handlers that were out with animals said it was the elephants and rhinos we were smelling. Then we headed in. Love the crowds. They are so peppy. We skinned up again. The 7:00 pacers were pushing through. I was freaking out again that was the first longest hall without any cheers. I was great to see people and and exit and see E and A. I got new fuel and kept plugging along. Mile 14 and that will be the last of any shade of any type. The sun was beating down on us. It was hot as hell. People were dropping like flies.
Now we are out on the stretch to Wide World of Sports. E and A went by beeping the horn. Needed that boost from them. I had past the seven hour pacers. Thank goodness. And I had not seen the Officials. Man it was greeting hot. All the entertainment, they had out there, the high marching bands playing in full uniform, it was becoming summer like hot. At one point was was ready to get under a tree. But I couldn’t. I am not a quitter. Finally going into WWOS. It was so hot back there. Kids were out practicing, bands playing and the volunteers were offering to pour water on us. Needed that. Got another banana got it down. Wasn’t so sure it was gonna stay down but it did. Found gum in my other pocket. That was nice. Headed out of the place and there was E and A. I was so glad to see them. Then we headed back out on the hot highway. Now it’s mile 19-20 not sure, I lost count. Here we come up on a mile sign. 21. Just before one of the worst ramps and bridges. Then all the sudden I hear, the Official yelling behind me. Drink water, and you have one minute and ten seconds to get to mile 21. What?!?! How did I fall so behind?? So I started to run like everyone else. Past the mile marker. A great hush came over the crowd. You can hear everyone checking on each other, making sure they’re ready to do it again. Man it was hot. I just kept plugging along. This bridge made my ankle hurt. No not now. I was in tears. Nasty bridge and ramp number two is coming. And you guest it. So were the officials. Holy cats!! How did they get in front of me again. They were standing at the mile marker shaking there flags this time, counting down. I was in pain and had to run again, and the ramp was coming knowing it was gonna kick my ass. But I dug deep. And I climbed that damn bridge, and ramp. I was yelling at other walker and runners to come on we didn’t get this far to get picked up. Getting ready to go in to Hollywood studios and there was that dreaded 16 pace ballon tied on a walker/ runner. I really ,really, slowed down if I am seeing this. Glad to be in the park. Poured water on myself, dug deep in pain and took off. I was not gonna get in that last group on the outside of studios. I was not gonna get picked up. I worked to damn hard. What would my kid think if I was picked up?? The horror set in.
In the back of the park, near the ABC commensary. The cast members were lined up. Cheering and yelling. That was so awesome, up lifting. Made it to the middle of the park and they were out the dancing to music and the crowd was cheering. Exiting there was E and A. All I wanted to do was stopped and be with them. But I didn’t. I can’t remember what I even said to them. Made it past the last sweeper spot so I thought. Going under the bridge, shade. People started dropping again. More people cheering here. The walkway to the boardwalk. I can’t believe I made it this far without my buddies right next to me. I knew I was going to see them again, but I did this without someone to talks too. My feet felt like they were sun burned. I was having a burning in my shoe. I think I have a huge blister on my heel. This was from making up for the pain and change in my gait for my r ankle hurting. Skinny up again for the boardwalk. It was going by like a blurry dream.
The last climb into Epcot, and guess who is there waiting. Yep, the Officials. That was 23-24 I think. I went blowing by them. I was so happy to be at the other end of the park ,where the finish line was. Crowded. Then I saw a familiar face. Ohh thank goodness!!! Stroller Boy. He walked and talked to me through most of the world side of Epcot and went back to find Matt. Here comes spaceship earth. I was so happy to see that damn golf ball. Circling around . Headed out back. There it is… The almighty 26 mile sign. I went over to it and high fives the sign and it said 7 hours. Took me 11 minutes to make it to the finish line. Tyring not to cry and get all emotional before rounding that corner to finish. I was screaming… And cheering and I made it!!! I got a high five from Minnie and I was screaming and yelling I did it!!! Got my full medal. Sent around to another spot, and I got my so well earned Goofy. I was in tears. I hurt. I am limping. I don’t see E right away, gosh I hope Matt made it. Then I see the birthday candles and Bam!! I was hugging E and screaming and yelling how I was happy, hurting and sore and I MADE IT!! A I am so proud of you hanging with E following me around since you were already in pain. Yes Matt did make it.

I have a new found respect for long distance runners. I was complaining it was hot at 82-84′ degrees. Will I be rushing to do this again?? No. Will I do a Goofy again . Yes. Will I train better for the next one? Damn straight. Two years before the ten year Goofy.
I have a new out look on myself. Much more confident.
I caught a respiratory bug while there. So I am home sick. Never made it into the parks. It took me 24 hours before I could walk on my r foot. Still hurts. I was on crutches and E pushed me around In a wheelchair to get me out of the room. Ice bath, Epsom salts baths, compression pants. It’s been a week. If it wasn’t for the ankle and this chest thing I would be back out there.

What a way to start 2013.

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1 Response to My Goofy Challenge for 2013 (Long)

  1. Wdwalone says:

    I am still so proud of you. I wish I could have been on the course with you, but at least I was able to be there to see you all along the course. You should be proud, confident and smile every time you talk about that experience. It was not easy and you did it under not the best circumstances!


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