When It Rains It Pours On Me

Since last time. I am suppose to get the stitches out today. I have also found a pocket of “something” on my right cheek( like last year when I had to have an I/D). Then yesterday is went down. It’s not gone, but close.
Then earlier in the week . I slammed my knee into the drawers at work. Could not bend my leg, or hardly out pressure on it. Great, just what I need on top of this. I changed out my work shoes and as the day move on, I was getting more mobility out of my knee. I had to wear my knee brace. (i had to wear it,or no walking at all.) When my leg swelled, it rubbed blisters on my leg.
Long story short, I always tell everyone you must get fitted to shoes. That includes work shoes!! Lesson learn. So I have not done any miles, no exercising, no nothing. Today if things go right with my face,I will be in the gym.
Weigh in no gain, no loss. I have to get my head back into what I was doing. Training. I already missed one race I was so looking forward too . Still no ya or nah on my time off for marathon weekend. So I guess either I don’t register again, or I just bite the bullet and register. Goofy. I must Goofy. Do you know that feeling that if you do not that one thing you have been wanting to, and you don’t. Then it eats away at you, until you do it?? Well that me. Just like getting through this wall with swimming. I know I CAN, but mentally I have to work through that.

Got meal planning to do today.
Happy Monday!

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2 Responses to When It Rains It Pours On Me

  1. J Darling says:

    Don’t woyy Rae! One day you will look back on all of this and know that you can get through anything because you made it through that!


  2. wdwalone says:

    Hope the stitches came out okay and the knee is all healed up!


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