Happy Sunday..Meal Planning Day

My fitness  app wasn’t working so good tonight. We did 2.57 miles, time do not know. Crazy headwind. Today I did 15 x 2 sets of dead bug. For lower back and core. On target with said calories by body bug, 1893.  20 floor knee push ups.

I did my meal planning today. Alot of cooking. It’s all separated out. I even cooked desert and have it all serving sized out.


Found my other knee brace ,so now I can add distance. Which we added the 1/2 mile tonight . That will be it for a couple weeks. I want to go try the group this week. That will be one of my three days.

Have a great Monday!

About MaMaRae

Training to be a Strongwoman . I like to share my experience and how get there with everyone. Maybe I can inspire You to get up and get moving. To date 83+ lbs gone..still have more to go. Picking up heavy things, and putting them down.
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One Response to Happy Sunday..Meal Planning Day

  1. wdwalone says:

    I wish I liked to cook even a little bit, but I just don’t like to…It’s not so much the cooking as it is the cleaning up. That and I’m super picky and never know what I’m going to want from day to day so doing a week at a time is really tough for me. Good for you for doing it though.

    Good luck with the group meet.

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