It Comes With A Price…

Today was the day.

I was either to be released or on to plan B. Well I am off the hook. But it is coming with a price.  I have no weight limited, but to still watch what I am doing.Walk, walk walk. With little incline.

Triathlons….here comes the price I have to pay. No competition cycling. I can recreation ride, but no major cycling. =(   But does one listen to this? I can’t. I will not be right without it. {heartbroken}

With lots of thinking on this subject… I will not go jumping back into triathlon/duathlons. So….I will slowly add it back in. Not in time enough to to do and races this season. =(  This is going to be hard to do. But I am planning for next year opener.

What about a trainer? Well not really. Cause He believes I will get over work on unnecessary things. I am not allowed to do back ext., no leg press. That will also be hard not to do. I wasn’t talking about you’re every day run of the mill ones. So I will put that on the back burner.

So… can I walk the races at Disney?? Yes.. if I strengthen up my back, loose weight. Am I going to PT? No.. ok.

Here is what I have been thinking about since I spoke to a trainer for triathlons I found looking through my local running shops web site.

I will continue walking my 2-2.5 miles. With light cardio for now once a week. Walking  3 times a week. On those walking days do a single strength exercise for my back and core. And push ups. Going back to the floor. I will add in a half mile for now on a biweekly basis. I have been sleeping alot more than I normally do. Which will be addressed when I see my Primary doctor for my yearly check up.

I am no longer counting WW. My GYN. was very upset with me, and I got the worse lecture I ever gotten from her. But she made since. I will be talking to my doctor about her medical weight loss program since I won’t be doing any USAT events. I have been tracking my food, time of day I want to snack.

Rae you have been cleared.. and races??? Hell YA!!! Registered for the TOT 10 miler. This will be a repeat event ,even though they gave in a new name and updated the medal. Plan.. just to finish.{and the 5K} E isn’t gonna be walking any races soon. He has to get the foot worked on. So I will be doing this solo. I am good with that. Then let’s look farther out. Marathon weekend 2013. I am looking.. and thinking hard… this maybe the only time I will ever get to do this. I plan on making the car payment and signing up for the Goofy. I have to. I was cheated out of it last year.

Today I walked 2.21 by map my walk. 33 minutes. I am slowly knocking off the time.No inhaler today either. I will be super sore the next day. To be expected. I have been inactive for 6 months. I am good with that too. I miss it. So.. knowing what all is going on in my lumbar spine, I have to get the Goofy in this year{dopey}. Finish a triathlon sprint distance next year. Most importantly get this last 45 pounds off. My bones depend on it. I plan on joining my local running shop for marathon training. It will start in June.

This alot to take in. To face the fact that I may never get to 70.3, or 140. I won’t be an Ironman. Wow.. =(

Have no fear… I don’t give up that easy…


About MaMaRae

Training to be a Strongwoman . I like to share my experience and how get there with everyone. Maybe I can inspire You to get up and get moving. To date 83+ lbs gone..still have more to go. Picking up heavy things, and putting them down.
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One Response to It Comes With A Price…

  1. wdwalone says:

    Okay – first off. You’re cleared to walk – that is a huge accomplishment. You have made progress and you will continue to do so if you do what you are supposed to do. Keep that in mind always.

    YEAH – I’m going to get to see you in September!!!! Ummm…you won’t be alone – I’ll be there! I’m staying at All Star Movies (I think) for ToT 10 Miler – it’s a host resort. If you want me to help get you to the finish line I’m here for you…I’ll be doing the 5K as well. Can’t wait for the medal – it’s amazing!

    Don’t give up on your tri dreams yet. Give yourself time to lose the weight, strengthen the sore and back and see what happens. I know you don’t give up easily so now it’s just a matter of staying healthy and gaining back that strength.

    You can do it!

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