5 Long Months..

5 months of this now annoying back injury.Bulging disc,{L4-L5} with a tear and leaking.

Not me, but it is the same thing I have.

As I stated in my last post I was going backwards. I went far enough the wrong way I was back to dragging my feet, inclines hurt to walk up or down. Sleep was becoming less again. E has to drive me everywhere again.

Went to my appointment. My Doctor sat down next me and started to explain to me how I am not the normal case. Instead of continuing to make progress I went backwards. What makes it hard to decide what to do is that I can still walk,be mobile.

I know that, it is hard to judge what to do with me because I have a huge tolerance for pain, and I will not stop. I was told many years ago, never to quit. I must keep moving no matter how painful i can get. The day I stop will be the day I give in to my aliments. I was in 7th grade when my first Ortho Doctor told me that.{the treat of a wheelchair }

We have two options. 1. More testing. This CT scan where they would have to inject the contrast into my spinal column. It will painful.  2. Send me to a neurosurgeon for an eval. and see what he wants to do. My Doctor believe he will want to send me to get the awful test. He doesn’t believe he would want to do surgery because I am still mobile. I have one month to make progress. I have one week and my brace will be in. I think that is when My Doctor will make the decision.

I got my third injection. This one was very unpleasant. I had instant pain. Not nice at all. My left side of my back and my left side that has been getting all the deflecting pain was in such intense pain.{very unhappy} I couldn’t get up. So my Doctor had me lay there for a few minutes. That gave me time to calm down. He explained to me that he went to the left a little more since that was the side that has been having all the pain, and burning. My reaction, was telling him that he got the effected area. I still couldn’t get up. { I was now scared} It felt like something was holding me down. So I did my best to get on my right side. I was able to. I was trying to see where everything was hurting. Still in tears at this point. I was able to sit up. My left side of my back and side were very unhappy.{meaning my butt and hip area} I think I upset my Doctor too. He asked me if I was exercising. I said no. You told me if I hurt to not do it. It has been 2 weeks and I have not done anything past work and home. Lots of ice. I was unable to put pressure on my left foot. I limped out of there. Worse than I went in. We went straight home. E ask if I still wanted to go to Chick Fila, I said no I just want to go home. No sleep that night. Pain was a little worse when the Novocaine wore off.  24 hours after the injection I was out like a light. slept 5 hours. We had family night together. We went to  Whole Food for dinner. Tons of stuff to choose from. I was not having all the pain. Just minor annoyance pain. Still walking slow shuffle and able to walk on both legs.

Now, nearly 48 hours after the shot. I got a good nights sleep. I am walking. My butt feels like it has rocks in it.{had that feeling before} No leg shockers when I step down on my left leg. I can lay on my left side without discomfort. Progress. I will have to call my Doctor’s office and let him know I do feel better. {my doctor did call but I was asleep}I have to ice. It helps with the swelling We can’t see.

So now it’s a wait and see . I am hoping for this to be the one. I will go for a walk today around the block.

Food has been well that. I have a 5 pound water gain right now. {it’s that time of the month} and I always do that. Weight loss ha been really hard. I stop tracking this past 2 weeks. I haven’t done anything out of the norm. What I have done different is that I am looking for a good cup of coffee. I even bought me a french press travel mug. The coffee at work taste burnt, and bitter. With the new cup I can make my own.

I have enjoyed reading all the trip reports.  Richard ran a 4hr marathon?? Friends helping friends finish races . I love it!! My daughter’s band score a concert band{FBA} Superiors!! Now on to state competition. I miss being there. They have a parade this weekend and guess where I will be? At work.

Gonna try to get my hair cut Monday. It’s been since September. My hair is long. Much longer than I would wear it.{fingers crossed I can sit there}

Excited about walking around the block!!! {1/2 mile} !!


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2 Responses to 5 Long Months..

  1. MikeF. says:

    Extremely glad to see some up beat tones in the end of this post. Rae I wish there was something else I could say besides just stay positive and just keep working towards your goal. And yes I HATED when I had an MRI w/contrast on my hip. That was very painfull. Keep moving forward.


  2. wdwalone says:

    I wish I could be there to help in some way. I know how hard this is and how scary and difficult. It’s just not a fun situation at all. Believe me, growing up with a Dad that had screws holding his back together I understnad the need to not give up and keep moving even when it hurts like heck.

    Just keep listening to your body and your doctor and I’ll send as much Pixie Dust to you as I can!


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