It’s Back…

Happy Valentine’s Day. Whatever it means to you, or your religion. Celebrate today.

Last week weigh in was not the best. +1. sigh…I was tracking away, and I was also super snacking too. I Have to relearn how to eat for not training. It took me a couple years to get the mindset for eating and fueling for running, and duathlons. Now I have to learn another way so I can eat better, stay full. I have to keep my meals simple.  Ugh… I just can’t win. This has been such an emotional roller coaster ride. To this day.. I see that damn medal and I want to smash it with a hammer.   I go from loosing inches, now things are not as firm as before.

The pain has been creeping back in. I try so hard not to complain about it. {E stresses about it}I go next week for my next injection. I wish I could go this week but the one day the office is open I am working.

I know doing the healing this way without surgery takes longer to heal. I don’t want to have surgery and add to what is already going on back there. {which is way more than this injury in the lumbar spine} I was gonna ask if I can do chair exercising. {yep like an older person.} Let’s face it, I am not getting any younger. This last year has not been that good to me.

I am just complaining…


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1 Response to It’s Back…

  1. wdwalone says:

    You can vent, complain, whine and whatever else you need to do. It’s allowed – there’s no fun in what you’re going through and getting the emotions out will never hurt the situation.

    Sorry you’re still having problems, but keep doing what you have to do to get better.


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