Moving Forward..

Wednesday afternoon I was finally able to get the injection done. I was the weirdest feeling. It didn’t hurt. Not like I was thinking. It has helped with the pain. My left leg stopped all that crazy heavy leg feeling an the foot falling asleep while walking. But I do still have pain.

This is the x-ray table I had to lay on so the doctor could do the injection.  The injection is suppose to last 2 weeks. 24-72 hours before it starts working well. I should only need the one injection. The back brace he will have the office staff work on it and stuff so I do not have to out of pocket it then get reimbursed.

also Wednesday evening we went to a local wrestling event. My Mom won a WM#28 ticket. We had alot of fun. I was laughing more than anything. We got to meet and greet with the Headbangers, and Billy Gun from DX.

They are really neat down to earth people. I wasn’t doing so hot in this pic. I could barely shuffle to them. But they waited and were very kind. Even remember chatting with me on twitter.

Today was weigh in. So I broke out the Wii fit for the scale. I lost only -.2 That’s ok. I still dropped. I really like using the WW online. I can pre plan my day edit and all. Waked again today. 1/2 mile. It’s my block. Mr. Boogie loves going. But all his stops are taking forever.  ha ha. 🙂

Thanks for all the kind words and support. Amanda I couldn’t remember if you were going to the Princess. All I can do is try. Not so sure if I will make it. But I can try.

Have a great weekend!


About MaMaRae

Training to be a Strongwoman . I like to share my experience and how get there with everyone. Maybe I can inspire You to get up and get moving. To date 83+ lbs gone..still have more to go. Picking up heavy things, and putting them down.
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4 Responses to Moving Forward..

  1. wdwalone says:

    Glad to hear you got the injection…Hope it makes things better really soon!

    I know it’s hard to keep track of, but this year I’m planning on all of the runDisney races :). No worries if you can’t make it – priority number one is making sure you get better!

  2. sambycat says:

    and i’m sure you know this, but also key is too not get all “hey, i feel way better!(or even just a little better)” and overdo after! keep taking it easy. i hope it helps!!!!

  3. rae says:

    Amanda, all Run Disney? WOW!!! Lisa thanks. That is really hard to do. But I have too.

  4. Gina says:

    Glad to hear you are moving forward. I second Lisa’s comment…don’t over do!! Keep working WW, I’m working it too. BTW any lose when you can’t get around is a great one.

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