Reset Goals.. Keep Positive

Good Morning.
I have reset my goals. To help keep from getting anymore down on my activity level.
Weight Watchers. Changed my weigh in to Saturday mornings on my scale. Since I am doing this online.
I need to drop another 45-50 lbs. Long term goal. To keep it real, I will be happy with a pound a week. That way if I were to drop a little more or less it won’t be so disappointing, or surprising.
My points number is still 30 a day. Even with the 2 pound gain I have had in the last 11 weeks. Weigh in yesterday -1. So back to 196.
I am excited about going and getting this done. It will be nice to be pain free. I will work hard to get well the right way. Learn how to keep this from happening again. Found a sports medicine therapist through my running shop. Now I have to find out if he takes my insurance.
So I am trying to see the positive side of this herniated disc injury that I have had now for 3 months this week. I have cabin fever. Can’t believe I got it from walking a half marathon! Stupid boardwalk.

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4 Responses to Reset Goals.. Keep Positive

  1. Chris says:

    That’s right, stay positive! Remember that you are already on the road to recovery and closer to getting back out there! Glass half full 😉


  2. Richard says:

    No doubt that you’ve gotten the raw end of the deal wit this injury. Now with a diagnosis and a treatment plan you can at least see the light at the end of the tunnel. Keep positive and good things should finally start happening!


  3. wdwalone says:

    Awesome – learn from it, find out how to prevent it and kick butt! I know you can do all those things!


  4. caballerofan says:

    So glad that you finally have a clear explanation about what is going on inside your body. The unknown just leaves you in the dark. As Richard says, at least there is light ahead. Slow and steady will get you back in shape. Just remember to think twice when you first get back to good days. Certainly do not want to do too much too soon. We’re all pulling for you. Reach out anytime you need us.


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