Finally… One Down 1 To Go…

Thanks for the support ! I know what I need to do, but I am not good at waiting.  I still have my work calendar cleared for marathon weekend. {fingers crossed}

I finally got a PT appointment !!! It took another week after doing intake to get it.  We will see what they say since it has made improvements, since I have been trying to any of these appointment’s. This Monday I am going to try a different specialist. I just can’t wait till the middle of the month.

I have been working on my arms. Nothing major but Keeping them moving.

I can not believe it is December! What happen to this year? My numbers for November is -1 pound, and about 2 miles. I didn’t stop totally but I have been slowed down alot.  Thanksgiving was quiet this year. Christmas I am off this year .  I have worked it the last 2 years.

Here’s to a happy weekend!


About MaMaRae

Training to be a Strongwoman . I like to share my experience and how get there with everyone. Maybe I can inspire You to get up and get moving. To date 83+ lbs gone..still have more to go. Picking up heavy things, and putting them down.
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One Response to Finally… One Down 1 To Go…

  1. wdwalone says:

    Glad to hear appts are being made and maybe you’re starting to feel better. That’s awesome that you lost a pound even with the challenges – that’s awesome. Glad to hear that you’re also working on your arms – keeping any form of activity will help you out in the long run! Sure hope you can make it in January!

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