Down Time Is Nice..

I am so glad to be off today. It is my only weekend day off, bit non the less I am going to enjoy it. I get to hear about the new pizza job and all the pizza gossip. I get to get up early and have some time to myself. So I use that to read all my friends blogs and post on my own.

Today was weigh in. -1.8 YaY! That’s 3.1 in two weeks. I am finally under 195!  I was looking over my food log and noticed that my number to my  daily calorie count is all over the place. SO this week, I have to make my calories. If I make them, I will do better weight wise. My week ends today.

I got all my training days in but one. That was do to my tire and rim issues. But over all I did well. I CAN do better. I had a day I had to send out an e-mail for some help to get my butt out the door. It helped alot! 🙂

Enjoy your weekend weather it is a day or the entire weekend.

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4 Responses to Down Time Is Nice..

  1. MikeF says:

    Rae great job on the Weightloss. You are doing great! Keep it up remember NO EXCUSES!


  2. Richard says:

    Great work keeping your focus on weight loss! I can see a 190 with your name on it!


  3. wdwalone says:

    Awesome job on the weight loss. That number is definitely going in the right direction. You hit your calories and keep the movement up and you’re going to do great!

    Glad to hear you get a day to just relax that always helps mentally and physically!


  4. Chris says:

    You are doing great, Rae. Keep the focus this coming week so we can celebrate another great week for the team 🙂


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