August Already..

It’s August. Already. July was a terrible month for me. This one isn’t starting out much better. Drama. The stress from it eats at me mentally and I just can’t seem to rise above it.

I just finished up a 3 in a row work shift. I am so toasted from it. I have to do it again next week. Hopefully my Best friend can get all her stuff lined up for school and I do not have to do it again. I do believe I will miss the Skype meet too. I can try to phone in from work , I don’t know we will see.

Band camp is in full swing and I have been missing it. Work. I haven’t heard them play the music yet, but I have been told it is a Aerosmith score. So tonight we are going to go over reading the marching chart and working on learning the music. Kat doesn’t want to look bad since she is her section leader this year. =) Plus all honor classes too. I can not brag to much can I??

It was so busy at work yesterday I never noticed a couple text messages I received yesterday. I didn’t see them til I got home. “Rae did you see they opened  a free wait list for the Wine and Dine?” When I read this I was thinking, ohhhh sweet!!! SO I am officially registered for  the Wine and Dine wait list. I hope I get a slot out of the hundreds of people that missed it like me.

I also noticed I need to figured out what I want to do in Jan. Full marathon, or Goofy. I want that Goofy medal. Not sure if I can swing the race price. That’s my car payment.We will have to do some number crunching.

Gonna make a new weight and training page for August.

Lay out my goals, and plans for the month and go from there.


About MaMaRae

Training to be a Strongwoman . I like to share my experience and how get there with everyone. Maybe I can inspire You to get up and get moving. To date 83+ lbs gone..still have more to go. Picking up heavy things, and putting them down.
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One Response to August Already..

  1. wdwalone says:

    You can never brag too much about your kids! That’s awesome and sounds like she’s got a full plate.

    Dust yourself off and start again. You can do anything if you put your mind to it. I’ve seen you in action – you can’t deny it!

    I hope you get a spot for the Wine & Dine, I’d love to see you out there on the course!

    I hear you on the price for the Goofy, it I wouldn’t have sucked it up in Jan and waited I would not be doing it next year…It’s very expensive.

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