Queen Summer Solstice 2016

QSS2016GROUPHere we all are. This is a picture of all the women who competed Last July.  I made some new friends. Learned a lot about myself too.   I want to thank Amanda for having such a great show. Berry for his amazing gym.  I want to thank my Strongman Coach Mike. You taught me things I didn’t know about myself. Thank you so much.

We started with the log clean and press for 1 rep. max. It also was for the USS Women’s Worlds title. My division was fierce. The Master women brought there A game.  This time around, I got the log over my head. For all three lifts. Mine were light compared to what the other women were doing. Two Master women tied up the record log clean and press at 135 lbs.


From here we moved on to deadlifts. I warmed up with everyone else. I did all way up to 225 lbs. for a warm up weight. I felt that I didn’t need to go heavier and save it for the event.  One bar was the axle bar with 255 lbs. on it and the weightlifting bar had 275lbs. on it. I was so excited to do this event. It’s my favorite lift, and I was planning on tht 10 lbs. PR.


It never made it past my knees.  The video would not load for me. I was so embarrassed. I scored a zero in this event. I was relying on this event to keep me in the game of not being last. Again it never went past my knees.

img_0477 This is the only picture I have of me in the event after the deadlifts. The farmer’s  carry.140 lbs per hand. 50 feet for time. I tried to make up time here. When the judge said get your grip, I started lifting, and I heard him say go and I started to move my feet. I was just thinking, fast feet, and I can here in my head my daughter,”roll your feet like in band”. My time was 10.6 seconds. I was so excited. I could never get past 16 seconds. I was excited. A year ago, I was unable to even budge this weight off the ground.


This event was suppose to be truck pull. Instead it was sled pull. I do not know what this distance was or the weight. It was on of my faster pulls for this. 20.6 seconds. img_0474 1..2..3… pull!!! That’s all I was hearing in my head.


Last event. Stones to platform. I was also relying on this to keep in out of last. I had train very hard to get this. The first stone you see on the platform was 100 lbs. Second one was 125 lbs. on the platform. The stone I am picking up here was 150 lbs. Deadlift it to my lap.Tuck it into my belly, get my arms up on it higher to help lift it, when I did the hip extension . I was not getting it high enough. It would get stuck on the edge of the platform and I just could not get under it enough to push it the rest of the way. I tried to under the stone Like I was cleaning to shoulder. I just ran out of steam.   I was disappointed with myself again. but in reality, I got 2 stones on the platform instead of one like last time.  I think The platforms were a bit taller than what I had trained for.

Yes I was last. I finished. Not where I wanted to be. But I finish.  What next?? I had took 2 weeks off.  Working on getting my diet better. So I can maintain my middle weight class. Put on some muscle. I need to get my lift much heavier before I register for another competition.





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I have been rereading my older post. I have come such a long way. I am so proud of myself. 

I am going to make more time to  blog again. Write about my past Strongwoman competition .   

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Things have changed since I have last been on here. Amazing to look back and read about who I was, compared to now.


New stuff to post. New things to discuss and share.

Happy Sunday.

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I Pulled It

Weekly post is today. I had to work yesterday. Last week was much better than last.



Sleep wasn’t the greatest. Dragging today.  Lunch was awesome.  Really busy day at the daily grind. Looking forward to the WOD.

It’s pouring this evening so no running. Rowing instead.  Skill tonight was find your 3 rep max. dead lift. I maxed out at 165 pounds!!!


WOD:  5 back squats, then row 5oo M, then double under {single for me} 4 minutes to do the movements, then rest for 1 min. Only the jump rope numbers count. I did 118.  Didn’t male my burn today. I tried. I was so tired by the time I got home. I didn’t even mobilize.


Slept well. Hands are a bit sore and stiff. Lots of mobilizing. Worked on my knees, and my posterior chain.  Over all good day. Rest day.


Mobilized for 15 min this am. Meditated for 10 min. I knew it was going to be one of those days… Very busy day, good lunch in good company always a perk. Can’t wait to go workout. It’s my light at the end of the tunnel.

Skill was the over head squat. I am not very good with this. Last time I did this movement I was folding in half when I would try to squat. Now, I can do the squat, but my right arm is sliding out and bending at the elbow. My right shoulder is lower than the left. You can see that I have been compensating on the left side.  Coach M. ,she had me do mobility with bands and retest. I chose not to use weights. Since this was a issue.  WOD sled pulls. I have not had a chance to do this.  The sled is about 90 lbs. 50m pulls. Slowest pull is your time. Once I had figured out how to get around the turn, I got faster. E pulled 180 lbs. 25 seconds. IMG_8471I pulled the sled 3 rounds and then I pulled my calf muscle. ugh… That’s ok wait till next time. 🙂  I compressed the calf and mobilize.



Sore calf, lots of compression, ice and elevation.  WOD.. Tabata 12 minutes of 100 ft. sprints and dead lifts. Only your dead lifts count. Coach M. he had figured out how to I could still get the sprints in by walking and making it to dead lift.  We tested and retested. I finished with 4 dead lift reps. The skill was assist. strict pull up. With Assist. from Coach M. I was able to get one in. I had to lower myself down very controlled. My forearms were on fire. Going to work on that. But that is the first time my head was over the bar without jumping or banded.  I told Coach M. about my overhead squat. We tested, and retested. He gave me ideas on how to help strengthen the arm. Plus the mobility with bands that She Coach M. gave me to do as well. I am a work in progress.



Total rest day.


Team WOD. Team of 3.  Row 500M ,then 30 burpees, 60 med ball cleans, 120 box jumps. I did step ups due to my calf. First round, 4 minute. We had to split up the numbers between the three of us.  The second round was 10 minutes, one min rest. Third round until you finished. I was having a really hard time doing the Step ups. My leg was getting to where it would not support me. So ,the guys had to kick in and help finish them. We finished in 33: 54.  It was fun.

IMG_8503I grade this week much ,much better than last week.

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What A Week {long}

This week was very trying for me. I had to step outside of my comfort zone alot. I survived


Daily grind starts for me today. It was very busy.  By 9 am, I was having a really bad allergic reaction. I wasn’t sure to what but I was. My face swelled, my throat was tingling. I was so short of breath, I could not complete any sentence. I had ask one of the girls to check my o2 sat. level. I was getting o2 in, but it sure didn’t feel like I was. My rescue inhaler wasn’t working. At this point I started to freak out a bit. I was able to unclog it, so it would work.  I was at the point, where I thought I was going to have to go down stairs and go to the ER. I didn’t. My co-worker, she helped. ALOT. I asked her to just talk about anything, That helped me so much.

I did not make it to the Box that night I was so wore out from that.  I slept.


I slept in really late.  My body was feeling better. I was starving when I woke up.  I had to gauge if I was going to the box. I did go. Today”s WOD was one of my favorite ones yet.


WOD Clean Complex .Bergener Warm Up

I learned alot .  Skill: I found my 1 rep max. It is 50 lbs.The clean complex, is 1 power clean, and 1 hang clean.  So we had to run a mile, then do 100 double under , or 200 single under. I had to do the singles. Then row 1k. I did not write my time down ,but I was happy with how well I did. I went home and went out of a interval run/walk with my dog and we did a half mile. 13:50 pace.

Food was good today.



It was really busy today at work. The painters were back. This time they came to me and we worked it out. So for 8 hrs, I had to wear a mask. Which helped.  But my body still reacted, but no where near what it did on Monday.

I was really drained today. I didn’t go to the Box, I was told I needed a rest day. By the time I got home, and stuff. I was really in a bad mood. Well it felt like a bad mood. I even had a hard time getting to sleep.

Food was ok. I found myself hungry. I was thinking it was possibly from the stress of the day and not working out.


Today is my Friday. I am very much looking forward to working out today. The day was busy from the moment I clocked in. No painting today, my unit was very full and we needed the rooms. So no mask today.  Super busy day, then it just became really bad. we had a patient who was P.O at a nurse. She kept coming to the desk. Loud, rude and each time it escalated. The last time I ended up in the middle of her screaming and yelling. She started threatening everyone. It was awful. Plus being busy, having a couple codes, and the phone would not stop ringing. In the end of this, I really was ready to just leave. I do not want to work in a environment like that. Who is going to protect me, if this went bad?? No one. Me. That’s it. I need to learn self defense, and go to the gun range more.

Food was good. I was emotionally drained. I was very much indeed looking forward to working out.


Med ball warm up. I just took out all my anger and stress out in this warm up.  Skill tonight rope climb. Coach M had a box set up under the rope. I have not done any type of rope climbing. I have not been able to hold myself up. Coach M had us watch a video, on style and rope hold for the feet. then we had to go perform it. It was my turn. I hesitated. “I can’t do this”. Yes you can. So I got the rope wrapped around my leg, and now I have to step off the box. “I can’t”. “Yes you CAN. I will be right here, to catch you.” Holy crap. This was like trying to walk down a ladder for me. E and Coach M were both right there and I stepped off.  I was hanging off the rope. I didn’t fall. I was on the rope. Now, I tried to go up the rope. That is hard. I am not coordinated enough to do that YET.  I did it again!!!


Rest day for sure. My shoulders, chest ,upper back are sore from the WOD last night.  Looking forward to the WOD in the park Saturday. Food was good.

Saturday:  Vista View Park.

We met up to do the WOD at the park. It was actually nice out. Wind was blowing. Little over cast. Got a sun burn. I had a great time working out. How many people can say that??

Teams of 2. Med ball over head throws. Trying to make a hole shot in the tire. Then sprint down the hill. Kettle bell swings. 100 and if the KB touches the ground, 10 rep penalty. “I CAN’T” do this KB. It’s to heavy. My left arm/elbow has been giving me a hard time. 35lbs. kb. I did swing that KB, and I did not drop it. Then sprint down the hill. That I said, “I can’t” do.  Wall balls with your team mate. Don’t drop the ball or a 10 rep penalty. We did good. Then one last down the the hill sprint and back. This hill reminded me of the Last nasty bridge/ramp in the WDW marathon, where I got caught with the sweeper lady counting down. That one before you go in to Hollywood studios. My lungs were tight. I was concentrating on listening to Coach counting. So, I wouldn’t concentrate on my tight lungs. Then all the sudden Coach started counting from 10. For some reason it made me run to finish. E said, because I was in marathon mode and that was the sweeper counting.

Then we finished the day off with a tug of war. That was fun.  IMG_8430

Here’s to a much better week coming.

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So today I realized that I do say this alot. I Can’t. I did not realize this until it was pointed out to me.  It made me think.

Why do I say it so much? I got to thinking about this. I have been told repeatedly over the years that I can’t do that. Doctors, physical therapist, friends, family, ex’s and so on. You can’t participate in PE due to you have joint swelling. Any random time, in middle school my joints would swell up. You can’t.  First knee surgery, you can not jump rope or run or squat. if you continue to do these activities you will end up in a wheel chair.  Your knee will never go below a 90′ angle. So you can’t squat. I have believed this CRAP all my life.

My Ex use to say, you can’t walk round the block, what make you think you can walk a 5k? He use to tell me I can’t do alot of things since my second knee surgery. I was told “I CAN’T” keep my mustang. That is why I STILL have my mustang and he is the EX.   I have been doing foot races since 2007. I have NOT ran a one. I have walked every single one. I have done 2 seasons of local duathlon series. 3 full marathons ,which one was in the Dopey challenge 2014.

It has been a year and half now that I HAVE been jumping rope. Something I have not done since middle school. I have been squatting below a 90′ angle. I HAVE been lifting heavy things.

I think I need to work on closing some of these “I CAN’T” doors,  so I CAN keep moving forward.

So I have to STOP SAYING ,”I CAN’T” . I do hold myself back and I need to stop doing that. If I need to reminded that, then maybe I should stop and squat, and remember I CAN!!!

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This Week.. Blah

This week was the worse.

I am trying so hard not to get whatever is going around.  I was just off this entire week. Even my foods were off.  sigh…


Skill Back squats at 95%. For me today that was 50lbs. 5 reps, 5 times. The workout.Hang cleans 45 lb. bar. and 15 wall balls. I used the 10 lb. ball. Finished in 13:00


A rest day. A rough day over all. Not feeling so hot. Mobilized a little.


Skill was Bench press @ 90% . 60 lbs. I think. I didn’t write down or take a picture of what I did. Tire flips. I was excited to do these. I was so mad it was raining earlier in the day. I don’t get to do these often and the last time, we were rained out. 100lb tire plus shuttle runs. As many as you can in 7 minutes. Only the tire flips count. I did 4 rounds of tire flips. I was dressed from head to toe. I had on gloves and glasses and long sleeves.


Not feeling so hot. Rest day. Work was busy.


Slept in. Woke up completely stuffed up. Felt like crap. Today was a bench mark workout. The Filthy Fifty. I didn’t make it. I have not done this one in a year. I was not feeling good at all. I felt guilty not going. But I knew I just needed to do nothing.


Team workout. I made it a point to go. Since my dog had me up at 7am. I still don’t feel well. I couldn’t get anything  to eat. I just wasn’t hungry.  I ate a piece of protein carrot cake I made from earlier in the week.  21-15-9 squat clean, hand stand push ups {hspu} and strict clean. I was so off. I couldn’t even clean the 45lb bar. I used 40lbs. I had to do my hspu off of a box. I can’t hold myself up yet.  We finished in 44:48.

Over all, I made some poor food choices. I had pasta and I had french fries and I had tater tots. I gave in. That time of the month kicks my ass. I even got on the scale. So I have not been in the right frame of mind this week. Of course the scale said I maintain. Didn’t drop a thing. Ugh… I cried at the box when I went to the bathroom. Because I didn’t feel well, I couldn’t clean the 45 lb bar and I got on that damn scale.  Saturday was off. I have been working my ass off. For what?! ugh…

Today I have been prepping all my little stuff for the week. Got to go put my order in for my share and eggs. Pick up a few other things and go from there. I have been using my fitbit more for my calorie burn. I have been trying to make a effort to make my burn goal everyday. More so now. I feel if I can get that up, and keep it up maybe other things will drop. Who knows.

Starting today I have to start putting in road miles. Goofy race and half challenge 2015 is coming. I want to PR, even if it is on 30 seconds. 103 days to go…

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 Today was meal prepping and getting ready for the week. We did good last week. E makes my smoothie in the mornings when he makes his. So I put different stuff in mine.  I prepped some small containers with my stuff in it. That way all he has to do is, open it and toss it in with the fruits.  Plus I am still sore. My soreness is delayed. I wish it wasn’t. At least I can sit back in the chair now, unlike Friday.


Daily grind, we all have to do to get the week started.


21,15,9. Deadlifts, push press and farmer carry. Only use one bar.

For me this meant I can’t go heavy since my upper body is so much weaker. 35 lbs. Plus I was still sore from the last workout. I couldn’t clean the 45lbs bar ,due to my forearms. I finished in 10:39.



Met a new coach. Coach M. He is really good.

Row a 2k all out.  The weather still sucks. Very humid in the box. My lungs tighten up couple minutes in and I just felt like I could not get a deep breath. Had to stop. More than once. So my end time was 12:12.

WOD: 450m run backwards. 10 box jump burpees, 15 pullups {ring rows} 5 rounds. The another 450m run backwards. Since I had to scale down, So were the rounds. 3 rounds for time.  I can not run backwards. My knees hate it.  I walked as fast as I could. This WOD kicked my ass.  37:52 is my time. My arms were on fire.



This became a rest day. I was so sore. My arms were spent. I had to mobilize. Drive. Driving was not nice. I drive a stick shift.


Coach Mike again. 1k row for a warm up.

The Seven

7 hspu {push up with hand lift}, dead lift 95 lbs., burpees, kbs 18lbs, 7 pull ups. I asked if I could do jumping pull ups, since I did the ring rows already. Coach M said I could.

This is 9/11. The seven totals up 343 NYFD that were lost. So Coach M wrote 7 soldier’s names to pay respect too.  My time was 53: 07 Again if my lungs would not get so tight, I would do so much better.



Rest Day. Arms real sore. Basically from boobs up, just sore. Even my back.


Over slept.

This week my favorite recipe is  Crock Pot Sesame Honey Chicken . Awesome. Is all I have to say.


Besides the WOD, We walked about 4 miles this week with the doggies. I know I have to up my miles.  I have this I want to earn.


Have a great Week!

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Moving Along..


Here is my week. 


Labor Day, I labored. No workout in the box. So I did planks. Followed the tabata timer. Mobilized afterwards. Walked with doggies for a half mile.


No Goofy training. Due to rain. 500m row in 2:12.

 Dead lifts 95 lbs, KBDHP , Rope

Did the WOD in 18:57

IMG_8163 My legs after the dead lifts.


The WOD , Coe. 10 Thrusters,10 ring push ups. Looking back I did this in 2013. Time 22:00 min. I made it to 6 rds. Coach K. gave an opt. out to do 5 reps. instead of 10 reps. 10 rds. for time. Let me say, just about everyone opt. out. I did the entire thing.  35lbs over head, and push ups. I just can’t do the ring push ups yet. I finished in 37:39.



I am sore from Wednesday’s WOD.

We did Karen. 150 wall balls. I used a 6lbs ball. Finished in 14:26

Half mile walk with doggies.


I could not pick up my arms. So sore. I had t-rex arms. Today turned into a rest day.


Stretched at work. Stretched at home. My arms are much better.


This week I put more effort into meal prepping and planning. I decided that I will not cheat for a month. Meaning no fries, until next month when we go out of town.  I have been using the  food journal on the Wodify. Coach K. has recommended me to add in nuts and seeds. I did. Also a few supplements i need to add back in. And go from there. 

My recipe of the week is Pancakes.   These are simple to make. Very tasty. And go for a grab and go. I make a large back and freeze them.

Have a Great Week!



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It’s Been To Long

It has been quite some time since I have posted anything.

I have been busy. I have missed blogging. I see it as an out let. I have been busting my butt in the box. I am always sore.



I have started Goofy race training.

I had to get a new fitbit. Then one i have it just stopped working. It is not even a year old. I wrote to fitbit and did everything they ask of me and it was replaced.

I was out of town .I was helping a family member. With that, things are awesome.

Food wise. I am doing well. I have my one splurge meal a week.  I have to get back into the swing of prepping my meals for the week. Makes things so much easier.

I have made gains with my crossfit. My 1 RM for a deadlift is 155 lbs. I can finally lift more than 35 pounds over my head. I can squat below a 90′ angle. I haven’t got the double under. I have learned a few new thing I need to work on.

IMG_1757 - Copy

I wish it would cool off here.

So, I have decided that I will blog, on a weekly basis, instead of everyday.  Update my hard work. Favorite recipe for the week. And whatever else I feel like chatting about.

So here is one of my favorite recipes. Pancakes. They are easy to make. They don’t take real long to cook. No dairy, no gluten, no nuts and no sugar.  try it. You might like it.

Happy Sunday




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